From humble agricultural origins to officially protected status terroir in French means Terre or soil from a similar latin word terra (land) and terrarorium (territory).

Very soon the Ciscterian monks connected the land to the expressions and qualities concentrated in the wines and french sentence « gout de terroir « meant taste of the soi lit comes from the terroir .

Burgondy and Bordeaux since the 17 th century threw the bases of French AOC (for Appellation d’Origine Controlee )officialized since 1935 .

The AOC system developped the guarantee of a sourcing assuring premium quality wines and the word terroir , even traced into Roman times became scientifically demonstrated by Bordeaux Oenology University (Pr ) where I graduated from . Of cause some may argue that soils and sub-soils combinations are too numerous to make a direct linck with mathematical magical formula .

Still it is obvious that great wines comes from great terroir .

What has been experienced for century in the Old World has been questioned of course by the New World and , there as in any field of agriculture trying to compensate by technics and science what the soil and sub soil wouldn’t bring to the wine .

A general consensus exists on the definition of terroir among international specialists such as INAO (European ) and OIV (organization of vine and wine)and for the first time the international terroir congress took place in the US in 2016 with the formation of the Society of International Terroir Experts (SITE) whereas next one will take place in Spain in 2018 .

By nature dozens of fields should be covered by experts in geology, soil science , climatology , agronomy, microbiology , chemistry , oenology of course to saw a few , some studies indicating that climate might be more important than soil.

So… Terroir or not terroir we may never fully analyze the basis of it but each step and discovery informs us everyday and allow us to confirm we are doing well at Admirable , conducting our vines in a traditional method , organically driven and respecting our soil and sub soil in every way.

ADMIRABLE Family Vineyards “Malibu Coast AVA” Wines

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Cabernet-Sauvignon | Syrah | Merlot | Others

Our top varietals: the fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon, the subtle Merlot, the strong Cabernet Franc, and flamboyant Syrah. A perfectly balanced combination.

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Syrah | Cabernet-Franc

This combination took Beatrice decades to develop and it’ll take you two seconds to love. A beautiful blend of the top varietals from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

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malibu pearl


Viognier | Chardonnay

Like a pearl necklace for every occasion. A pure expression of the Pacific shore where it is grown, this rare white wine is a mix of tradition and modernity.

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ADMIRABLE Family Vineyards “Santa Barbara County AVA” Wines

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Cabernet-Sauvignon | Others

This vintage is an homage to Beatrice’s roots in the south of France and California love. Prized for their smooth, silky texture and complex, robust structure.

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blanc de blan amirable wines


Viognier | Chardonnay

White wine from white grapes. An experienced perfume maker, Beatrice balances the powerful aromatic notes of the Viognier with the freshness of the Chardonnay.

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Syrah | Merlot | Others

An amazing flavorful combination of the world’s most popular red wine grape varieties, enhanced by 3 decades of expertise, Vigneronne is a perfected red wine.

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so happy wines admirable wines

Label product with bottles so happy rose admirable wines malibu vineyard

Pinot Noir | Chardonnay

Let’s “Sea, Surf, and Sun” while sipping this elegant and complex Rosé wine, an original blend of Pinot-Noir and Chardonnay with a smooth, velvety finish.

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