How not to be disappointed … when you are opening a great bottle of wine, that is to say a bottle whose price exceeds 49 euros / $

First the quality of the wine and the moment of consumption is the most important.

As with love, this is a question of the perfect bottle/person combination at the right time.

Check the origin of course, the quality of theso called “Terroir” which represents the ideal combination of climate and soil and reveal the potential quality of the wine.

Look at the vintage, with more or less favorable conditions of the harvest also tell you if this wine will age well or not.


Do not forget the preliminaries …

Pair wine with time, and go crescendo, the wine tasted should not make you regret the previous wine as the love of the moment shouldn’t of his predecessor!

When choosing a wine for a specific dish, please avoid the “too much” (appearing heavy or spicy scented).

Prepare your bottles as you prepare yourself for a date, even open the bottle and check the advance (the wine is living, the cork too!).

Decanter? Not a must but if the wine is young it will benefit from oxygenation.

Even the champagne can be put within a decanter, but then at the last moment and make bubbles happy swirls under your eyes.

Put a beautiful white tablecloth, little fragrant flowers and romantic candles.

Choose a tall glass on a wide legs and voluptuous body… like a pretty girl on stilettos, simply have two very beautiful glasses… or drink the same after all!


Embrace …the moment after having undressed…the bottle and wine just enjoy the moment