1.     Aging:

Most wines can be enjoyed when “released” by the winemaker. So if you can buy it, you can drink it.

Still … some will age gracefully (see my next post on the blog!)


2.     Storing:

No need for fancy cellar. Store them on their side, in a cool place with a steady temperature.

Opened, recorked and/or refrigerated wine will last for several days.


3.     Temperature:

45-55-65 and 3-2-1 are the basics as per:

  • Chill Sparkling at about 45°F (7°C) for 3 hours
  • Chill White and Rosé to 55°F (3°C) for 2 hours
  • Cool Red wines at room temperature of 65° F (18°C) for one hour


4.     Opening:

When ready to serve for Sparkling

Red may be opened well before serving to allow them to “breathe” for full flavors and aromas.


5.     Opening Sparking:

Never shake the bottle or point at another person … Never!

Hold the bottle in one hand, the cork in the other. Twist the bottle while you apply gentle downward pressure and until you feel a gentle pop


6.     Glasses:

If you feel that your beverage tastes the same in a plastic cup do not bother investing in fancy glasses.

But you may want to invest in all-purpose everyday glasses with thinner rim and material than water glasses.


7.     Flute or wine glass?

I enjoy Champagne and Sparkling in a wine glass better than in a flute as Champagne is wine … (from Champagne in France!).

For Bordeaux style (Cab, Merlot …) I use a taller glass, still quite wide.

For Burgundy type (Pinot Noir, Syrah…) I would take an even wider one.

For lighter White, an in between shape of all purpose and Bordeaux style. But it is just because they look so nice on the table!


8.     Pouring:

Fill glasses about half way for all, except Sparkling which can be filled almost to the rim … and refill regularly to refresh it!


9.     Never drink alone, except if you are celebrating, need to be cheered up, or thirsty!


10.  Join our Wine Club and make sure you entertain your friends as you will be ADMIRABLE!