It Takes 2

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It Takes 2 – Malibu Coast AVA – Millesime 2014

Family Vineyard / Single Estate: MALIBU COASt AVA
Varietals: Syrah 80% / Cabernet-Franc 20%
Soil component: Sandy, clay limestone
Harvest: Handpicked
Aging: 100% French oack barrels
Alcohol: 14.1% – Production: 75 cases of 12
Bottling April 2016 / Available June 2016

As you may know, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot share the same “father” as both came from Cabernet Franc grafted with Sauvignon for the Cabernet Sauvignon, and with a varietal from Charente for the Merlot.


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“Blending wines resembles cooking. I imagine a wine by combining texture, aromas and flavors to balance each asset and please the five senses. A balance that won’t stand for inexactness!”

Beatrice Cointreau

Admirable Wines It Takes 2 – Millesime 2014

Tasting Notes

Our 2014 ADMIRABLE PRIVATE RESERVE It Takes 2 from our MALIBU COAST vineyard is a crafted Californian. Enjoy this dark, full bodied red wine with this typical peppery note in the after taste, enhanced by French know-how and skills. The finess and elegance of the Merlot balances the fruitfull Syrah, tannin rich and spicy notes, deep color due to the thick skins’ high tannins (anthocyanin). Flamboyant blue and blackberry aromas with notes of clove all spice cinnamon, nutmeg and licorice.

Food and Wine Pairing

It Takes 2 will pair well with “ragout”, roasted red meat as bison or Tbone steak, lamb shops, or spicy food (tika masala, shawarma).

Black forest and chocolat desserts will of course be nice in term of aromas. And if you enjoy it, try a cigar with it for their similar tabacco notes.

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Admirable Wines is the culmination of Beatrice Cointreau’s three decades as a wine grower and the Cointreau family’s 20 generations in winemaking.

ADMIRABLE Family Vineyard
Malibu, CA 90265

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