Béatrice Cointreau

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Béatrice Cointreau international CEO now lives between California and France.

Béatrice Cointreau was born into a long line of vine-growers and distillers. With a Masters in law, in business (ISG), a degree in marketing and a MBA from Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management, she completed her studies at the Bordeaux Institute of Oenology and at the ISIPCA European school of perfumery.

Great-granddaughter of the Cointreau liquor founder and granddaughter of the founder of Rémy Martin, she is proud to carry their values of entrepreneurship without working in those historical companies

Member of the Wine Academy of France, formed at the University of Bordeaux wine, Béatrice Cointreau has successfully managed a house of Cognac and Champagne for nearly 25 years,  she created an advertising agency specialized in wine and food and developed an international expertise as manager of various companies during a quarter of Century.

Beatrice Cointreau was honored by the French government, receiving both official titles of chevalier de “l’Ordre du Merite Agricole” for her input in the agricultural industry & the highest recognition of “Legion of Honor”  for her civilian activities.

She is the author of “Sense & Quintessence” (Cherche Midi 2009), “organic wine: the marketer’s guide” (Issued in April in French & Fall in the US 2015) and “C’est si bon Paris…by night” (May 2014).

She is also the owner of  “ADMIRABLE family vineyards in MALIBU” and distribution & now focuses on developing wines internationally as CEO & MD, since her acquisition in 2013.

“Admirable Family Vineyards in Malibu is celebrating this unique location in California .Celebrating a family story ,mine .Celebrating the vine and its terroir we need to respect and protect ,and to the sublime wines we can elaborate to celebrate life ,nothing less!”

Béatrice Cointreau


Organic Wines : A marketer’s guide – Béatrice Cointreau

Organic Wine

Whether you want to produce organic wine, import or export this type of wine, or just better know the market and would like to recognize the many labels on the bottles, this book is or you!

More than just a trend, organic is an evolution in lifestyle that cannot be ignored today. This is the perfect guide for amateurs and professionals alike.

Sens & Quintessence – Béatrice Cointreau

Sens et Quintessence

“Men go for strong spirits, women are spirited!” With a pleasantry, Béatrice Cointreau sums up her
book, full of humor and spirit.

The conquest of emerging markets, creation of exceptional vintages, the showcasing of the French art of
fine living… In this work, she tells us about the different challenges that she took up over the years. We
discover a businesswoman, the mother of three boys, who succeeded in reconciling family life and
professional life without the slightest compromise.

Written in the form of notes dedicated to the five senses, an explosive cocktail-narrative in which
visions of the market, the fragrances of the vineyard, and a flair for business, are blended for pleasure’s

C’est si bon… Paris by night – Béatrice Cointreau

Paris by night

“The perfect Paris souvenir book to enjoy without moderation!

You will share her love and passion for Paris, paired with beautiful photos and drawings.

This book is illustrated with creative picture by Thomas Delhemmes, a famous photographer. Philippe Legendre, twice the winner of three Michelin stars at Taillevent and George V Palace, has created recipes for everyone. Whereas Catherine Pioli drew a Parisian in every simple place of Paris, her heart pounding with love, passion following to Béatrice Cointreau’s novels.

Envoy a delightful visit to Paris, its bistros and brasseries with the exquisite background of Ile Saint-Louis, the Pont des Arts and much more.”

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A leader in the burgeoning Malibu wine industry and accomplished international winemaker, Beatrice Cointreau is the perfect person to pair Malibu’s award-winning wines with California’s eclectic cuisine.

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ADMIRABLE Family Vineyards “Malibu Coast AVA” Wines

fantastic 4


Cabernet-Sauvignon | Syrah | Merlot | Others

Our top varietals: the fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon, the subtle Merlot, the strong Cabernet Franc, and flamboyant Syrah. A perfectly balanced combination.

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it takes 2


Syrah | Cabernet-Franc

This combination took Beatrice decades to develop and it’ll take you two seconds to love. A beautiful blend of the top varietals from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Learn More

malibu pearl


Viognier | Chardonnay

Like a pearl necklace for every occasion. A pure expression of the Pacific shore where it is grown, this rare white wine is a mix of tradition and modernity.

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ADMIRABLE Family Vineyards “Santa Barbara County AVA” Wines

wine name1


Cabernet-Sauvignon | Others

This vintage is an homage to Beatrice’s roots in the south of France and California love. Prized for their smooth, silky texture and complex, robust structure.

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blanc de blan amirable wines


Viognier | Chardonnay

White wine from white grapes. An experienced perfume maker, Beatrice balances the powerful aromatic notes of the Viognier with the freshness of the Chardonnay.

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vigneronne admirable malibu wines2


Syrah | Merlot | Others

An amazing flavorful combination of the world’s most popular red wine grape varieties, enhanced by 3 decades of expertise, Vigneronne is a perfected red wine.

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so happy wines admirable wines

Label product with bottles so happy rose admirable wines malibu vineyard

Pinot Noir | Chardonnay

Let’s “Sea, Surf, and Sun” while sipping this elegant and complex Rosé wine, an original blend of Pinot-Noir and Chardonnay with a smooth, velvety finish.

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Admirable Wines is the culmination of Beatrice Cointreau’s three decades as a wine grower and the Cointreau family’s 20 generations in winemaking. Grown on the Malibu coast, this vintage pays homage to Beatrice’s roots in the south of France and California love.

ADMIRABLE Family Vineyard
5941 Kanan Dume Rd,
Malibu, CA 90265
+1 (310) 457 – 4309

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